5 must-see Mughal gardens

The Mughal Gardens at India’s Rashtrapati Bhavan opened on February 5 to the public. These gardens were inspired by the Mughal gardens in Jammu and Kashmir.

Babur loved to build gardens in the famous Charbagh style. Charbagh refers to a garden divided into four parts. Gardens have a large pond. There are streams running into this pond. Elevated pathways provide views of colorful flowers that engage the mind and satisfy the soul. (This article in the Architectural Digest shows you how to create a Mughal garden in your backyard.)

Here are five stunning Mughal Gardens that are a must- see:

1. Nasim Bagh

A Couple walks through woods of Chinar trees at the Nishat garden on Monday 12 november 2012 photo by bilal bahadur

Akbar built the first Mughal Gardens near Dal Lake, Kashmir in 1597.

2. The Shalimar Bagh

Shalimar Bagh

Jahangir and his wife Nur Jahan built the Shalimar Bagh near Kashmir’s Dal Lake. The garden was constructed on a hilly ground, making it possible to construct small waterfalls.

3. Shalimar Gardens, Lahore

Shalimar Gardens in 1895

This garden was inspired by its namesake in Kashmir. The Persian architect Ali Mardan Khan built a canal of 100 miles (one assumes he had help) to bring water from the foothills to water the garden.

4. Shaykhupura and Hiran Minar

Mughal Gardens often featured mausoleums. Jahangir built the Hiran Minar near Lahore as a memorial to his favorite gazelle.

5. Wah gardens

Raja Man Singh built the Way Gardens near Lahore. Thomas Moore was inspired by the gardens for his famous poem Lalla Rookh.

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