I have over twenty years of experience developing marketing communications campaigns for organizations like Amazon, IBM, and the United Nations.

Here’s a link to my LinkedIn profile.

You can find samples of my work below. I can be reached at arun_krishnan at hotmail.com.



How NASA uses AWS to protect life and infrastructure on earth

NASA is using unsupervised learning and anomaly detection to explore the extreme conditions associated with solar superstorms. {Read more at amazon.science}

Get hands on with a “significant and fundamental advance” in AI

AWS DeepComposer is now available for preview. Learn more about the science behind the musical keyboard designed to expand your machine learning skills. {Read more at Amazon.science}

3 ways reinforcement learning is changing the world around you

Sahika Genc, senior scientist with Amazon AI, writes about three important ways reinforcement learning is used in the real world, and explains how you can get hands on with reinforcement learning. {Read more at amazon.science}

StyleSnap will change the way you shop, forever

Announced at re: MARS 2019: Amazon’s StyleSnap is the latest innovation from Amazon Fashion. {Read more at the Amazon Blog: Day One}

How Alexa Learned French

Hint: sophisticated machine learning techniques, and a little help from her human friends. {Read more at the Amazon Blog: Day One}

Making search on Amazon easier

How Amazon’s Product Graph is helping customers find products more easily.{Read the article on the Amazon Blog: Day One}

Music in a Voice First World

How Alexa and Amazon Music help you find the music you want (even when you don’t know exactly what you want.) {Read the story on the Amazon Blog: Day One}

What the West Can Do If It’s Really Serious About Middle East Peace

To state the obvious, ISIS is not just Iraq’s problem. Or for that matter Syria’s problem. Or even just the Middle East’s problem. In a world where a palm civet in China’s Guangdong province can unleash a pandemic that killed people in America, and where a Tunisian fruit seller could bring down a powerful Egyptian dictator, the problems of any one country are more often than not, the problems of every country. {Read more at the Huffington Post}

What the Merriam Ibrahim Case Can Tell Us About the State of Islam

The death sentence for apostasy in Sudan shows the plurality that has sustained and nourished the Islamic world is eroding. {Read it at the Guardian}