Ganesha Solves a Problem: 5-minute stories to read with your child


Your father says you can’t eat your Halloween candy till after dinner. But seven o’clock is so far away! Your teacher blames you for something that you didn’t do, and life can seem so unfair. There’s a bully in your karate class. Sometimes, life can seem difficult. Luckily, there’s Ganesha to help you solve your problems. Ganesha walks and talks like a human, but he has the head of an elephant. And he can solve your problems just by snapping his fingers, playing a guitar or helping you count sheep — and dinosaurs — at night.

In this “funny collection of stories that are every bit as delightful as Frog and Toad” -Ganesha helps children believe in the power of their imagination, work through problems by trying and trying again, and knowing when to go to mommy for a cuddle.

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It’s Saina’s birthday, and the one thing she want most on her birthday is to see a rainbow. Luckily for her, a rainbow appears in the sky when she’s on the way to her birthday party. However, unluckily for Saina, she drops her book, and by the time she looks out of the window, the rainbow has disappeared! Saina feels sad. She feels very sad. She feels very, very sad, which is the saddest that you can ever be.

Luckily, for her, she has Ganesha for a friend.

In this touching and delightful story, Ganesha helps children learn to see magic in everyday things and bring their imagination to life.

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‘Arun Krishnan takes the Indian-in-America novel screaming into noir territory with this fast-paced, gorily entertaining serial-killer thriller.’ – Nilanjana Roy

It is a cool summer evening in New York and Arjun Clarkson, a bright young ad agency executive, is having a drink with his ex-colleague, Emily Hayes. For years, Arjun has suffered due to his miserable childhood in an Indian orphanage, his low-caste birth and the pointed cruelty of an abusive foster mother. Unaware of his past, Emily triggers a disturbing memory and Arjun ends up killing her.

To lead the police astray, Arjun begins to exploit the loopholes of the virtual world to wreak vengeance on people who have injured him – or are plain strangers. A compulsive page-turner, Antisocial will make you pause before your next check-in, like or share. 

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It’s India versus Pakistan and as the excitement soars in the final over of a memorable cricket match, ten-year-old Siddharth sets off a firecracker. The blast that follows will change his life. Siddharth discovers that growing up isn’t easy: he has to handle a tragic death, his best friend is gravitating to a rghtwing political party, and his film-maker father has troubles of his own as he shifts away from the commercial but lucrative world of Hindi movies. And Poona is nothing at all like Bombay. Will tennis matches help, or can his mother’s beautifully retold myths do the trick? Will instant noodles come to Siddharth’s rescue, or will it be his old elocution standby, The Charge of the Light Brigade? In this touching, poignant and often hilarious debut novel, Arun Krishnan has created a world we all recognise, one that will appeal equally to young adults and a more mature audience.

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